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Hey, Chicago

July 3, 2010 2 comments

“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1764

This argument is so tiresome and the logic so overwhelming – law abiding citizens with guns are not the problem. If liberals disarm citizens then they will fall prey to criminals don’t care about city handgun restrictions. If Chicago wants to limit the number of guns on the street, start locking up those who use them in the commission of a crime.

With liberals it’s hard to tell who they believe is the real criminal; the thug or the law abiding citizen.

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Algore: “Sex Poodle”: Breaking News!

June 28, 2010 3 comments

“He pleaded, grabbed me, engulfed me in embrace, tongue kissed me, massaged me, groped by breasts and painfully squeezed my nipples through my clothing, pressed his pelvis against mine, rubbed my buttocks with his hands and fingers and rubbed himself against my crotch, saying, ‘You know you want to do it.'” – Byron York, Washington Examiner

Other than just being amusing and a bit surprising (I didn’t think robot Gore possessed a libido) I didn’t comment on the allegation. I did listen to the accuser’s police tape and she did sound quite convincing. If this allegation had been made against a Republican – well, you know the rest. The story would nothave died quietly. But this is St. Algore, the pied piper of global warming not a Republican. The media has no problem covering up for one of their own, no matter what the tawdry circumstances.

Now Byron York, a very respected journalist with National Review has done some research and thinks that the allegations are “detailed” and “credible.” Perhaps that’s why Tipper left him, she got wind of the story and ran to divorce court. Who knows? The timing may not be so coincidental. In any case, the personal damage might be lasting because the details of the accusation are so deliciously inconvenient.

Don’t expect to see shrill feminists calling for Algore’s green blood.

NYPost: Police  tape of accuser’s interview.

Witness? DNA? Video? It appears Algore’s uppence has come, “He’s not what people think he is – he’s a sick man!” – NATIONAL ENQUIRER

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Trouble in Liberalland

June 22, 2010 Comments off

Don’t think there’s trouble in Liberalland? The blog Democratic Underground has crafted new posting rules to help stifle liberal dissent – and they are a Marxist hoot.

  • Inappropriate attacks against Democrats
  • Insults against prominent Democrats, such as “F— Obama.”
  • Name-calling against prominent Democrats. Calling Barack Obama “Barry” or some other name.
  • Repeating Republican partisan attacks against Democrats.
  • Broadly suggesting that there is no difference between Barack Obama and George W. Bush, or that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. (Arguing that specific policies are the same would be permitted.)
  • Suggesting that President Obama has perpetrated a “con job” or “fraud,” or similarly over-the-top assertions of bad faith.
  • Advocating voting against Democrats, or in favor of third-party or GOP candidates.
  • Broad-brush smears against Democrats generally. Broad expressions of contempt toward Democrats generally.

“Olbermann Quits Daily Kos After Being Bashed For Criticizing Obama’s Oil Speech” – Newsbusters

View the goofy rules, “Democratic Underground is changing. It’s time to change the way we run it.” – DU

Bullies (D)

March 11, 2010 Comments off

Team Obama and the Democrats long ago revealed themselves to be thugs and bullies. That’s not news to anyone who’s been paying attention. The Democrats have been playground creeps for decades. This business with a naked Rahm Emanuel giving ex-Rep. Massa a stern finger poke it just another example of how they play hard ball.

But this lack of complete lack of respect for American values, rules of fair play and even trying to intimidate members of the Supreme Court goes too far.

“The image of having the members of one branch of government standing up, literally surrounding the Supreme Court, cheering and hollering while the court — according the requirements of protocol — has to sit there expressionless, I think is very troubling.” – U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts

The conservative members of the court won’t bullied by these scare Democrat tactics. I can’t speak for wise Latinas but it is sad to witness watch the mob at work. What’s perplexing is that these blue state train wrecks can’t buy a clue and understand behavior like that is one of reasons their poll numbers are in the toilet.

“You can’t blame Rahm Emanuel for being himself” – Washington Examiner

The Naked Pun

March 8, 2010 2 comments

What can you say, Democrats are extremely entertaining creatures, even when they are careening off the cliff.

“Rahm Emanuel is son of the devil’s spawn, Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) said. “He is an individual who would sell his mother to get a vote. He would strap his children to the front end of a steam locomotive.”

Rep. Massa describes a confrontation with Emanuel in a shower: “I am showering, naked as a jaybird, and here comes Rahm Emanuel, not even with a towel wrapped around his tush, poking his finger in my chest, yelling at me.” – Real Clear Politics

Is this how Obama’s guard dog does business, wandering the congressional halls picking fights with showering men?

Seth MacFarlane is Emotionally “Retarded”

February 21, 2010 Comments off

I use to enjoy Family Guy but all too often Seth MacFarlane and the writers forgot that this is a center-right nation and routinely indulged in some very ugly personal attacks. The latest attack on Sarah Palin is by way of her son, who has Downs Syndrome. You see, liberals can’t get a rise out Sarah so they go after her innocent child.

MacFarlane has the liberal nerve to deem that Palin’s sympathy for children with special needs is “phony.” How he comes to that arrogant and cynical conclusion is something only a man who loves nothing but the sound of his own voice can explain. But this “compassionate” lefty is apparently willing to drag special needs children into the mud with him to score cheap political points.

Leftist thugs like Seth MacFarlane are intimidated by Sarah Palin because she is not cowed by the liberal elite and in fact, can give as good as she gets. Sarah is antithesis of what the left stands for. That infuriates the left and they will do literally anything to destroy her, including disgusting assaults on her family.

Absent a sincere apology by MacFarlane, I’m done with Family Guy. That’s too bad because the show is still quite funny when it doesn’t throw mud.