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At Last, the “King of Pork” is Dead

June 28, 2010 2 comments

I always thought the voters of West Virginia kept reelecting Sen. Robert Byrd, the “King of Pork,” for strictly entertainment purposesor on a prankish dare. Oh, the billions of dollars in pork he would slop West Virginia’s had to be a welcome bonus to their goof. But this oldest living senatorial cadaver has been laughable idiot for decades, perhaps all his life. Yes, this long winded, narcissistic, incoherent, babbling miserable man has been a plague to taxpayers and auditory systems for 57 years.

Byrd wrote in his autobiography, “I came from lowly beginnings. The bottom rungs of my ladder were gone. I had to have the help of the good Lord, and I’ve had to have the help of the people and the confidence of the people. And I’ve tried to repay them.” He consistently repaid them with other people’s money – and he smelled like soup.

“Pork or Progress? Either Way, Byrd Changed W. Va.” – FoxNews

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