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July 17, 2010 Comments off

I wanted so badly to dislike “Inception” because of the cast of useless leftist idiots (Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page) but Christopher Nolan has created a masterpiece. Make no mistake, the film is intelligent, fascinating and thought provoking. The score by Hans Zimmer is outstanding.

I should explain my disgust with goofball DiCaprio and company. They turned a movie press junket into an opportunity to bash those believe – “differently” politically. They have every right to their opinion but I thought in was disrespectful to director Nolan. Movie audiences are hard to come by these days and ticking off a majority of the country is no way to drum up ticket sales.

“Inception” is a very smart, entertaining puzzle of a movie. Be patient, the beginning gets a little confusing but all is revealed. It easily overcomes the leftist cast.

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‘The Hurt Locker” Wins

March 9, 2010 Comments off

Let’s sum up: Everybody enjoyed “Avatar” because it was mindless, 3D entertainment even though it was ridiculously derivative, Just like a ride film. No one cared about Cameron’s bigger message, I certainly didn’t. A small movie about real people, with real issues beat it out for Best Picture, so I’m happy. Especially because Kathryn Bigelow honored the troops.

I’m not so naive to think that at some level The Hurt Locker didn’t have an anti-war sub-text but it was barely discernible. Instead, the film decided to be mostly about the men and women who do the job of keeping us safe. I’m okay with that.

Art Direction acceptance speech, “Jim Cameron, this Oscar sees you clearly. Your vision is so deep,” uttered by some lap dog sycophant and likely douche bag.

James Cameron should take this public defeat at the hands of his ex-wife with every ounce of class he can muster (unlikely), stop trying to make 2 dimensional message movies – he’s no good at it and rescue the Alien franchise. That last one was a personal request. Oh, and Steve Martin and what’s his name were just awful as was the entire broadcast.

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