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Poodles on Parade

June 30, 2010

With Bill Clinton, Algore and John Edwards all involved in torrid sex scandals you have to wonder what’s in the agua over at DemHQ. Who’s next? Obama? Nah, he’s too busy running the country into the ground and putting people out of work. He doesn’t have time for the desires of the flesh. Besides, have you seen Michelle? That woman looks like a honey-do, libido killing machine.

Look, you can find examples of infidelity on both sides of the isle. But with the economy in ruin, the debt out of control, millions unemployed and the oil spill begging questions about Big Wee Wee’s leadership, the left doesn’t need yet another reason for people to abandon the good ship Democrat.

These poodles on parade (D) are wildly entertaining but they sure are a suicidal bunch.

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