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A Dark Age Cometh?

June 27, 2010

Finding it hard to write anything these days and yet, there’s plenty that angers me to my core. It’s hard to focus just one issue. Everywhere you look the news is unrelentingly bad, Obama is an unengaged incompetent and we’re about to ride back into the teeth of another recession – or worse. America is rudderless and headed for a very dark future if things don’t start to change soon, very soon.

And even if conservatives take over in November it might be too late. The damage the Democrats and Obama have inflicted on the country might be irreparable. Which means we’ll likely have this political partisan see-saw effect quite some time. We win some, they win some but we all go over the cliff together. Nature abhors a vacuum and as she looks for balance, politically, economically and culturally, it is inevitable that there will be mass casualties.

I do take heart in the fact that conservatives still outnumber moderates and liberals. Every day our ranks swell as people start to realize the mistake they made by trusting Obama and the Democrats. Liberals in moderates’ clothing told us what we wanted to hear, not what the country needed to hear. Perhaps that’s the glowing ember of political maturity that was sadly lacking in 2008 that we can all build on. Perhaps. But an alarming number of Americans have trouble heeding the lessons of recent catastrophes and with the help of a dying media, still seem prone to infantile distractions.

“The Keynesian Dead End” – WSJ

Speaking of infantile distraction. “Biden Calls Custard Shop Manager a ‘Smartass’ After Taxes Comment” – FoxNews

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