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DMN’s Jean-Jacques Taylor: Hypocrite

June 20, 2010

I’ve been waiting for Taylor to trip over his boycott Arizona hypocrisy. By writing a puff piece about Troy Aikman, who often contributes to conservative candidates, Taylor trips over his own boycott logic.

“Taylor: Sports commissioners should vow boycott if unjust Arizona law takes effect” – Dallas Morning News

“If Senate Bill 1070, which requires police to question people about their immigration status and demand to see their documents if they suspect the person is in the U.S. illegally, goes into effect July 29, then you can say goodbye to a plethora of sporting events.

That means no MLB All-Star Game in 2011. No more Super Bowls. No more BCS Championship games. And it should mean heavy economic sanctions until the law gets repealed.

Is Aikman is one Taylor’s conservative boogeymen because he likely supports Arizona’s stringent illegal immigrant law? If Taylor believes sports columns about (liberal) politics and boycotts have a place on the sports pages then he is at odds with Mr. Aikman and every other conservative athlete – and a vast majority of Americans who think the Arizona law is badly needed.

“This is not the time for silence,” Taylor wrote. The he should demand that every athlete, GM, manager and coach he has business with openly state where they stand and walk away if they don’t believe as he does. Otherwise, Taylor is the self-serving hypocrite I believe he is.

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