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Future So Dismal

April 7, 2010

“According to recent polls, 60 percent of Americans think the country is heading in the wrong direction. The same percentage believe that the U.S. is in long-term decline. The political system is dysfunctional. A fiscal crisis looks unavoidable. There are plenty of reasons to be gloomy.

But if you want to read about them, stop right here. This column is a great luscious orgy of optimism. Because the fact is, despite all the problems, America’s future is exceedingly bright.” – David Brooks, NYTimes

This is the kind column that gets written just before the bottom falls out. I’m not a glass half empty guy, but by any measure, this RINO’s pollyannish outlook seems misplaced at best. We have some serious issues facing us. We are not getting richer, we are in hock way over our eyeballs, Team Obama doesn’t give two sh*ts about the nation’s unemployment/under employment rate, nor do they have a workable plan to get Americans back to work. Obamacare is certain to tip us back into recession or worse as companies struggle to stay afloat by throwing employees overboard. So whatever David Brooks is smoking, secluded in his Manhattan penthouse, it ain’t reality.

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