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Self-Righteous Lies

March 22, 2010

Being a pro-life Democrat obviously means never having to stick to your oft-repeated lofty principles. For them, life began when Obama issued a get out of jail free Executive Order to wave at their now very disgruntled, and now very motivated constituents. These Democrat Judases, like Bart Stupak, will pay a heavy price this fall. Stupak should be ashamed for turning his back on the unborn.

The Democrats did not win the day because they had the moral high ground on health care. The Democrats crafted a lie cobbled together with payoffs and cynical promises. Eventually, this house of cards they have fashioned will come crashing down around them and they will be held accountable by outraged voters.

“Legal and Political Fights Loom for Democrats” – NYTimes

Pro-Life Leaders Blast Stupak Abortion Deal” – NewsMax

“Hell no!” – Rep. John Boehner (R)

“We’ve Crossed the Rubicon” – Victor Davis Hanson

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