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Kill the Bill

March 21, 2010

“It’s clear the thousands of Americans who descended upon the Capitol yesterday to protest this bill were completely ignored by Speaker Pelosi and her allies. Democrats will soon have one last chance to listen to the American people and kill this bill, which only looks responsible in the land of make believe. Here in the real world, it will add to our already reckless levels of debt and put our nation on an even faster course toward fiscal ruin.” – Rep. Tom Price (R)

As the liberal Lemmings edge ever closer to the cliff, take comfort in the knowledge that if today’s vote goes badly this is not the end. Not by a long shot.

Unconstitutional? You bet.

  • “Is health-care reform constitutional?” – Washington Post
  • “Is Government Health Care Constitutional?” – WSJ
  • “Mandatory Insurance Is Unconstitutional” – WSJ

And expensive, “The Real Arithmetic of Health Care Reform” – Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former director of the Congressional Budget Office from 2003 to 2005

Update: “Look, the people who are opposing this are holding tea parties. The Democrats are holding a Kool-Aid party. This is political Jonestown.” – Pat Caddell on Fox News

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