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Nose Picker in Chief

February 28, 2010

Obama gets busted on live TV mining for nose gold (not so artfully). According to an Aussie doctor, making a meal of the day’s catch is good for you.

“Your nose acts like a filter to in the air you breathe, just like an air filter your home. It catches and collect dust and bacteria that your nose doesn’t feel is a good idea to suck into your lungs, over time it all collects and settles to what we call a booger. Then the person picks their booger, eats it, and the process starts all over again.

A doctor in Australia has come up with sufficient research that states that what we don’t know is that after we eat it, the boogers actually acts like a low grade flu shot. We eat the bacteria, the immune system fights off the bacteria, causing our immune system to strengthen. It acts just like a medicine would.” – Associated Content

Who could guess the one aspect of Obamacare that makes any sense is a ready to eat, meal on wheels?

“Obama’s ‘Hope’ – The New Tramp Stamp of Political Decals” – Big Government

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