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Health Care Plummet

February 26, 2010

“The GOP is winning this day decisively despite playing on the president’s home field because the bill itself is so awful.  It cannot survive close scrutiny which is why it has been shielded from scrutiny throughout 2009.  It is hard to imagine that the endangered Democratic House members are going to rush forward to embrace such an obviously flawed and deeply destructive bill.” – Hugh Hewitt

“The folks in the White House just must be kicking themselves right now. They thought that coming out of Baltimore when the President went in and was mesmerizing and commanding in front of the House Republicans that he could do that again here today. That would revive health care and would change the public opinion about their health care bill and they can go on to victory. Just the opposite has happened.” – CNN’s David Gergen

“I think we need to start out by acknowledging Republicans brought their ‘A Team.’ They had doctors knowledgeable about the system, they brought substance to the table, and they, I thought, expressed interest in the reform. I thought in the lecture from Senator John McCain and on the issue of transparency, I thought today the Democrats were pretty much on their knees.” – A.B. Stoddard, The Hill

“I want to commend the Republicans for, at least up to now, sticking to the high arguments of this and making hash out of Obama and the Democrats.” – Rush Limbaugh

Obama’s only hope of passing this monstrousity is reconciliation. But as of now neither Reid or Pelosi have the votes to pull off that stunt. But I believe Team Obama and the Democrats have so deluded themselves into thinking that Americans are with them when in fact, by any measure, they are not. Perhaps they just don’t care what we think. No matter what happens, this won’t be the last issue the Democrats will attempt reconciliation. It’s startling how politically demented they have become.

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