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Let Them Eat Silence

February 23, 2010

“President Obama’s latest stab at health-care reform released yesterday is one of the more astonishing admissions of political deception in recent memory. After months of swearing that his health legislation would lower the skyrocketing costs of insurance premiums, Obama finally acknowledged that actually it would not. So, instead, he has included a new provision that can simply outlaw premium increases his administration deems “unreasonable and unjustified.” – Charles Hurt, NYPost

Why should the Republicans bother to attend Obama’s health care summit if the Democrats are going to pass their bill via reconciliation no matter what comes out of the meeting? This is the Democrats’ idea of bi-partisan? I wouldn’t even bother to discuss, debate or send smoke signals on the issue anymore. Let them eat red state silence. I would go straight to the people – invite the tea parties, the libertarians, moderates and the millions of piss’d off Americans to a rally held right outside the Senate steps.

The Democrats are ignoring the deafening calls by the American people to scrap Obamacare in overwhelming numbers. You would think the Democrats know that they are on a suicide mission, right? I’ll wager they don’t even have enough votes for reconciliation. Of course, I’m hoping there’s still a few lucid members left on their side.

A wounded animal is extremely dangerous, especially a political one. The Democrats are fumbling through the wilderness, threatening to force feed their nightmares down our throats. My fear is they could take the country down with them.

“Obama Unveils Health Care Plan: A Defiant “Screw You” to Nation” – Rush Limbaugh

“Meet the New Plan, Same as the Old Plan” – CATO

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