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Seth MacFarlane is Emotionally “Retarded”

February 21, 2010

I use to enjoy Family Guy but all too often Seth MacFarlane and the writers forgot that this is a center-right nation and routinely indulged in some very ugly personal attacks. The latest attack on Sarah Palin is by way of her son, who has Downs Syndrome. You see, liberals can’t get a rise out Sarah so they go after her innocent child.

MacFarlane has the liberal nerve to deem that Palin’s sympathy for children with special needs is “phony.” How he comes to that arrogant and cynical conclusion is something only a man who loves nothing but the sound of his own voice can explain. But this “compassionate” lefty is apparently willing to drag special needs children into the mud with him to score cheap political points.

Leftist thugs like Seth MacFarlane are intimidated by Sarah Palin because she is not cowed by the liberal elite and in fact, can give as good as she gets. Sarah is antithesis of what the left stands for. That infuriates the left and they will do literally anything to destroy her, including disgusting assaults on her family.

Absent a sincere apology by MacFarlane, I’m done with Family Guy. That’s too bad because the show is still quite funny when it doesn’t throw mud.

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